What is Focalizing?

Focalizing is a healing technology that enables participants to completely reinvent their lives by resolving the barriers that prevent them from experiencing their fullest potential of well-being and joy. These barriers can be in the form of conditioned thinking, traumatic experiences, stress, depression, sexual and intimacy barriers and more. Once these blocks have been brought to resolution, Focalizing takes on the form of a creative tool that supports participants to access levels of awareness that allow them to act and make decisions that are deeply informed by their body and whole being.

      Why Focalize?

In the past it's been said that Focalizing is a technology that "transcends talk therapy" and "goes beyond our past stories." What is meant by this is that for those who suffer from barriers associated with anxiety, trauma or other blocks to a joyful life, many have experienced that retelling their stories only provides momentary relief. For some, the thought of retelling their story of a traumatic experience is already too much to bear and they refuse to talk about it. There's a reason for this. The thinking part of our mind, the magnificent part of our mind that has engineered planes, created advanced pharmaceuticals

and built our modern civilization has a weakness: It's not well equipped for human healing. And the signs are everywhere. Focalizing is founded on the understanding that deep, meaningful healing rarely comes from re-living the story or brainstorming solutions to complex emotional issues. It comes from accessing a part of our mind and body that many have lost touch with. Focalizing provides anyone with the ability to fundamentally change their life without the need to revisit how they think they got here.

Eckhart Tolle, best selling author of the seminal piece The Power of Now, wrote that there are three doorways to experiencing the life changing benefits of accessing the present moment. "Silence, acceptance of the present moment and body awareness." Though Focalizing deals with all three of these doorways, the primary doorway the technology relies on is body awareness.


Through the Focalizing process and its ability to tap into the innate healing capability of the body, Focalizers have experienced:


Focalizing as a Creative Tool

Liberation from our barriers provides a launching point for a completely new way of interacting with life. When people are no longer held back by the heaviness of their past story, they're free to write a new one that's in alignment with who they are and who they want to become.

The states of awareness that Focalizing enables have been used to reinvent businesses, create music, invigorate relationships, and fundamentally change how people identify and reach their potential.

It's for this reason that Focalizing is more than a healing modality. Encoded in the process is an entirely new lens to view and move through the world.

History of Focalizing

The modality was originally pioneered by Dr. Michael Picucci, PhD. It is the culmination of over 30 years in the field of psychotherapy, addictions research and trauma healing as well as his own life's journey. Though Dr. Picucci synthesized the approach, it owes much of its foundation to other pioneers and their work in the field of healing and psychotherapy. Some of Dr. Picucci's colleagues and inspiration are Dr. Peter Levine and the pillars of Somatic Experiencing, Dr. Eugene Gendlin and Focusing, and Dr. Randolph Stone and his Polarity Massage. Click here to read more on the history of Focalizing.